Three Potent Vitamins For Impotence You Need To Take

Three important vitamins for ED

Impotence can be a frustrating condition caused by a variety of different physical issues. It can cause struggles with self-esteem for both the sufferer and his partner.

With nearly 30 million males dealing with impotence on a regular basis, the search for beneficial treatments has become more important. Fortunately, there are a variety of vitamins that address the root issues causing impotence. 

Impotence is most often caused by physical issues in older men, although in some cases it can have a psychological root. Health issues like diabetes and atherosclerosis block blood flow and can lead to erectile problems. Further, a variety of modern-day medications can interfere with the nervous system, which controls all erectile function. Men with hormonal imbalances may also struggle with symptoms of impotence.

In younger men, it is less likely to be a hormonal condition and more likely to have psychological causes. Issues such as depression, rejection by peers or parents, relational tension and stress can all play a role in impotence for younger men. Men who were subjected to sexual abuse as children may also deal with symptoms of impotence as a result. 

Young or old, you can benefit from natural options as they can address whatever issues you have head on.  Let's take a look at three powerful vitamins that can help with erectile dysfunction...

The Three Vitamins ED Sufferers Should Definitely Consider

#1: Vitamin B3

A powerful agent in improving erectile dysfunction is vitamin B3, also called Niacin. A research study conducted in Hong Kong noted increased blood flow to the pelvic region as a result of niacin supplementation. 

This B vitamin has the ability to help unclog harmful fats that have collected in the arteries.  Researchers believe it is helpful in reducing deposits of cholesterol in the main arteries of the pelvis. This clears a path for more blood to flow to the genitals. Niacin cannot be stored in the body, so it is essential to supplement with adequate amounts. The study suggests up to 1500mg a day for increased function.

#2: Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also an excellent tool to aid increased arousal. It enables increased production of prostaglandins, hormones that boost sex drive. It aids in thinning the blood, which increases circulation to the necessary organs.

Vitamin E also helps to prevent diabetes and reduce prostate enlargement. 400IU is the most one should take in a day. Supplementation can be helpful, as well as consuming more foods rich in Vitamin E such as Brazil nuts, almonds, spinach and broccoli.  

#3: Vitamin C

Additional benefits can be found by taking Vitamin C. This vitamin has the ability to lower stress hormones, increase oxytocin and boost mood. All of these benefits can be helpful for men whose impotence stems from stress or mood-related issues. Further, Vitamin C boosts the ability of the arteries to dilate which allows increased blood flow. 

Increasing Vitamin C through food or supplementation can be a vital step in decreasing stress and improving blood flow. Foods that are high in Vitamin C include oranges, peppers, kale, papaya and strawberries. For those needing additional doses of Vitamin C, a therapeutic dose of 250mg per day can be helpful.

Men with impotence struggles should take heart in knowing that improvements are generally made by those who take beneficial measures. Vitamins are a powerful aid in improving the overall health of the body, and this can lead to better sexual function as well. By addressing the issue with targeted supplementation, those dealing with impotence can see a positive change.

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