Impotence Treatments Beyond Pills & Supplements

Prior to the launch of the revolutionary impotence pill Viagra in 1998, impotence treatments were the only option available. 

The most successful and effective impotence treatments are:

In the same way that ProzacĀ® brought the treatment of depression out into the open, Viagra has helped over 150 million men with impotence resume an active sex life. It has brought male impotence out into the open and made it acceptable for men with impotence to seek treatment.

As the male impotence market continues to grow, there is no doubt the quality, range and availability of impotence treatments will also steadily increase.

Why are non-drug options considered?

The primary physiological requirement for an erection to occur is sufficient blood flow to the penis. That's why most recognized impotence treatments aim to achieve this result in a variety of different ways.

Despite the many claims of success made by the manufacturers of the new impotence drugs, they don't provide a satisfactory solution for everyone. 

Men who take medications containing nitrates to treat angina or high blood pressure are unable to take Viagra or any of the similar newer medications because of possible severe chemical reactions. 

Another example is diabetic impotence. Up to 60% of men with diabetes experience chronic impotence by the age of 55. Long-term diabetes affects the blood vessels and nerve-endings, particularly at the body's extremities. 

Because of the resulting damage to blood vessels and nerve-endings in diabetics, one of the most effective solutions is penile implants

Choosing the right impotence treatment should be a personal decision, based on what feels comfortable for YOU. We've included a comparison table with statistics about the various impotence treatments to help you make an informed decision.

Discuss all the options with your partner and then consult a healthcare specialist, so you both feel you're making the right decision. 

In any market where there is high demand, opportunities for exploitation and misrepresentation are always present. The male impotence market is no exception. 

Remedies that promise to increase virility, cure impotence and increase penis size, all in one "easy to swallow tablet" in all probability won't do any of those things.

As Dr Michael Gillman, Chairman of ConnectED, a sex and relationship network in Australia said:

"Unfortunately, the vulnerability of [men with impotence] leaves them easy targets for con artists and snake-oil salesmen."

We're going to take an informative look at the benefits of some of the most effective and popular impotence treatments currently available.

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