How Do Impotence Injections Work and Are They Effective?

Impotence Injections - Alprostadil Bottle

The use of impotence injections as a successful treatment for male impotence began in the early 1990's. 

Papaverine, a drug originally used to dilate blood vessels during surgery and to assist patients with blood circulation problems, was found to produce erections when injected directly into the penis.

Male impotence(or erectile dysfunction) is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse, and includes the inability to get an erection as a result of sexual stimulation or to lose your erection prior to ejaculation.

The physical and psychological processes involved in creating an erection are numerous. If one of these processes fails, the result is impotence.

Drugs such as papaverine, when used in impotence injections, dilate and relax the blood vessels and enable the penis to engorge with blood, thereby creating an erection. 

Advancements in drug therapies to treat male impotence have led to a variety of active ingredients now being used in impotence injections, either individually or in combination. 

The most commonly used drug for the treatment of male impotence is alprostadil, a synthetic form of prostaglandin, which is a hormone found naturally in the body.  MUSE is one of the best known brand names.

When prostaglandin is used in combination with papaverine and phentolamine, the overall effectiveness of the treatment increases by 50% to 60%. This combination of drugs is often referred to as tri-mix

Impotence injections reportedly produce successful erections in over 95% of cases. This form of treatment appears to work regardless of whether there is a physical or psychological cause for male impotence.

The Facts About Alprostadil Injections

Impotence Alprostadil Injections

Impotence medications administered via injection must be prescribed by a doctor.  He or she will determine the correct combination of drugs, the required dosage and the proper method for injection.

The initial impotence injection will usually be administered by your doctor to demonstrate the procedure to you, view the reaction and determine the correct dosage. An instructional booklet or pamphlet, preferably with explanatory diagrams, will usually be given to you to ensure that the injections are correctly administered.

The injections are made using a very fine needle and syringe - usually the same size as those used by diabetics for insulin injections - and are considered to be painless.

Inside the penis are two chambers called the corpora cavernosa. These chambers are filled with spongy tissue and run the length of the penis. The impotence injection is made directly into the corpora cavernosa. Care should be taken to ensure that you don't inject directly into the urethra.

The doctor will explain to you that the dosage may be adjusted slightly upwards or downwards depending on the circumstances and your state of health. The appropriate dosage should enable you to achieve an erection that lasts anywhere between 60 minutes and a maximum of 90 minutes

The medication generally starts to produce an erectionwithin 10 to 15 minutes.

Do these injections cause any side effects?

Medical experts suggest that you don't use impotence injections more than three times a week.

You SHOULD NOT use impotence injections if you have any of the following conditions:where there is a health risk if you engage in sexual activityallergic reaction to alprostadil any deformity of the penis (Peyronie's Disease, cavernosal fibrosis or angulation)sickle cell anemialeukemia (cancer of the blood cells)multiple myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow)

Possible Side Effects With Impotence Injections

One of the most frequently reported side effects of impotence injections is priapism. This is a medical condition where the penis remains erect for a prolonged period of time.  Priapism if often the result of using a higher dose of medication than is required.If your penis remains erect for over two hours, or becomes painful, seek medical attention immediately.

Scarring (fibrosis) is possible as a result of long-term use. However, medical reports have shown that some men have used alprostadil injection for many years with no adverse effects. The best way to avoid scarring is to inject into different areas of the penis.

Some men have reported pain in their penis and testicles following the injection, but this is usually mild and disappears quickly.

What's the bottom line for you?

When other methods of ED treatment are not effective, injections with alprostadil and similar medications may be a good option for you.

Although the thought of giving yourself injections a few times a week or even month might make you a bit queasy, users claim that after the first few times you get used to it, and that the results are well worth it.

So if you have tried other methods, such as pills, supplements or lifestyle changes and nothing seems to work, injections might be the best option for you, especially given the success rate.

Talk to your doctor about your ED treatment options and decide if this one is the right choice.

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