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Everything you ever wanted to know about impotence. Learn about the latest impotence drugs, treatments and much more.

Impotence Education
What is impotence? What happens when you visit your doctor? What causes impotence?

Impotence Quiz
The Impotence Quotient tests your general and sexual health. Are you at risk of developing male impotence or how serious is your impotency if you already have it? Take the IQ test and find out.

Psychology of Impotence
The psychology of impotence is about looking at how impotence affects both partners in a relationship. Taking an impotence pill is often only the beginning of the story, not the end.

Male Impotence Myths
Fact or fantasy? We debunk some of the myths about male impotence. Many legends about virility and sexual performance date back centuries yet still persist today.

Impotence Pills

The little blue pill that's revolutionized the treatment of male impotence. Over 16 MILLION MEN worldwide have been treated with Viagra and resumed a successful sex life.

The most powerful impotence pill available. Cialis has been nicknamed "Super Viagra" because it can start working within 15 minutes and ONE pill can last ALL weekend.

Levitra is a significant new challenger to Viagra in the competitive male impotence pill market.

A revolutionary new oral medication for the treatment of male impotence. Uprima has been proven to work 3 TIMES FASTER than Viagra.

Generic Viagra
A potent substitute for Viagra® that offers an effective treatment for male impotence at a fraction of the cost.

Buying Viagra Online
Buying Viagra online can be as simple as having your computer and credit card handy. But what are the risks to the consumer? Counterfeit Viagra, illegal imported pills and rogue more.

Stendra Pills
A new, potentially faster acting alternative to Viagra, Stendra contains the active ingredient avanafil.

Staxyn Tablets
Similar to Levitra in chemical makeup, the new Staxyn drug comes in dissolvable tablets that you place on your tongue rather than pills that you swallow as most ED meds are delivered.

Impotence Treatments

An Overview of Impotence Treatments
Effective solutions for male impotence when impotence pills are NOT the answer. Learn about penile implants, impotence vacuum pumps, impotence injections and more.

Newest Impotence Treatments
A look at some of the newest erectile dysfunction treatments on the market, from pills such as Stendra and Topiglan to procedures such as gene therapy and vascular reconstruction.

Penile Implants
The best long term solution for male impotence. Over 90% of men with penile implants have been able to resume an active sex life.

Types of Penile Implants
Everything you wanted to know about the three types of penile implants - the semi-rigid malleable implant, the two-piece inflatable implant and the three-piece inflatable implant.

Impotence Vacuum Pumps
One of the safest and most effective impotence treatments available. IMMEDIATE RESULTS when impotence pills are NOT the answer.

Impotence Injections
Over 95% of men treated with impotence injections have produced a successful erection. A safe and effective solution to male impotence.

Gene Therapy
This new impotence treatment involves replacing faulty genes in the penis with healthy ones that will facilitate blood flow to the region. It is called the hMaxi-K gene, and it offers promise for those not responding to conventional therapies.

Vascular Reconstructive Surgery
This surgical procedure entails manipulating the arteries and veins in the penile region to help the flow of blood to the area. The success rate is not too high as of yet, but improvements to the technology are being made.

MUSE Urethral Suppositories
A simple yet effective treatment for impotence that can start working within FIVE MINUTES.

Alternative Impotence Treatments
A natural and holistic approach to the treatment of male impotence. Herbs, vitamins and supplements offer an effective and cheaper alternative to Viagra and other treatments.

Yohimbine Extract is one of the herbal treatments for impotence, and others have come out such as Kamagra gel and Confido which is an Ayurvedic treatment.

Home Remedy for Impotence
By treating the whole person, homeopathic practitioners can provide a home remedy for impotence that treats the cause of impotence as well as the symptoms.

Impotence Treatment Comparison Table
A clinical and statistical comparison guide to help you discover which impotence treatments work best for your particular needs.

Causes of Impotence

An Overview of the Causes of Impotence
Discover the three major factors that cause impotence - physical, psychological and lifestyle. Find out which medications contribute to impotence and steps you can take to treat major impotence causes.

Physical Causes of Impotence
In over 80% of cases, there is a physical cause of impotence. Impotence can often be the first sign of an underlying medical problem.

Psychological Causes of Impotence
Stress, depression, anxiety and boredom can all contribute to impotence. LESS THAN 20% of men have psychological impotence, so chances are it's NOT 'all in your mind'!

Alcohol Impotence
When problem drinkers become problem lovers. Too much alcohol interferes with physical and mental health and is a major cause of male impotence.

Diabetes Impotence
Up to 75% of diabetics will experience chronic impotence. An educational guide to diabetes and its strong link to male impotence.

Cycling Impotence
Do long-distance and endurance cyclists need to be concerned about impotence and sexual performance? The jury's still out on bicycling impotence.

Smoking and Impotence
So you thought smoking was just bad for your health? A recent survey revealed that smoking DOUBLES your chances of becoming impotent.

Other Topics

Impotence Exercise
Take a walk, not an impotence pill...That's the advice being given by health experts today. Researchers have found that regular, moderate exercise may prevent impotence.

Viagra Jokes
A collection of the latest and greatest Viagra jokes.

More Viagra Jokes
More from the collection of latest and greatest Viagra jokes.

Medical Terminology
A glossary of impotence terms. Clear and simple answers to the medical terms associated with erectile dysfunction.

Impotence and Women

Impotence and Women
Women are an integral part of any discussion about impotence. A woman's reactions can profoundly affect the quality of her relationship and the way in which her partner deals with his erection problem.

Impotence and Women includes information relating to the impact of impotence on women in a relationship. It also looks at other issues affecting women and sexuality, including Female Sexual Dysfunction and Women and Viagra. And just for fun, there's lots of articles about love and romance. Refer to the Impotence and Women Site Map for more information.

Impotence and Women Index
A guide to finding all the interesting, educational and inspirational articles about impotence, female sexuality, romance and love. A complete section of Impotence-Guide dedicated to women and impotence.

About Us

About Us
A comprehensive look at Our aims and an overview of all the information available to help you.

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