Impotence and Women

Women are an integral part of any discussion about impotence. After all, women are crucial to the success or otherwise of a relationship, and if her partner is suffering from impotence, a woman's reactions can profoundly affect the quality of that relationship and the way in which her partner deals with his erection problem.

So, we cover topics like Impotence and Partners and The Psychology of Impotence, which both deal with relationship issues and impotence.

You can also learn ways to deal with impotence as a woman such as open discussions, relationship therapy and getting to the root of the problem.

You'll also find an article about Women and Viagra. Pfizer®, the manufacturer of Viagra®, reports that more than 150,000 women have been prescribed Viagra and a recent study conducted by the University of California - Los Angeles Medical Center, found that the effects of Viagra prescribed to women have been largely positive and beneficial.

Another recent study indicated that over 40% of adult women experience sexual dysfunction at some stage in their life, so we've included an informative article on female sexual dysfunction.

Looking at the lighter side of impotence and relationships, there's a comprehensive section on love and romance. You may ask what romance has to do with impotence, so we suggest you read Rosie Hammond's humorous take on Reviving Romance and her own story about surviving impotence.

Take a look at our pages of beautiful romantic and love quotes. From Aristotle to Anonymous, Shakespeare to Steve Winwood, Corinthians to Keats, we're sure you'll find something that tugs at your heart strings.

And what would romance be without the sweet sensation of a kiss? For those new to the subject, or if you want a bit of a refresher course, we've included a tongue in cheek (no pun intended!) article about How to Kiss.

There's plenty of other articles in this section to keep you amused and informed. Because let's face it, unless you're one of the very lucky few women who have a romantic partner, it's up to us to ignite the flame of passion in a relationship. And without romance, ahem, there would be no need for Viagra, would there?

To discover all the delightful, romantic and inspiring articles in this section, visit the following pages...

Impotence and Women The Psychology of Impotence
Impotence and Partners Female Sexual Dysfunction
Women and Viagra Romance Quotes
Love Quotes Romantic Love Quotes
Romantic Quotes How to Kiss

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