A Woman's Guide to Dealing With Impotence

Women and ED - Female contemplating issues

Women are not immune to the effects of their partner’s erectile dysfunction, especially when their partner does not disclose the condition and suffers in silence. When the woman questions why there is emotional rift in the relationship, she often blames herself and assumes her man no longer finds her attractive or is having an affair with someone else.

This inevitably leads to a breakdown in the couple where both sides do not know what to say to reconcile. The truth is that male impotence is a problem that needs to be openly and honestly discussed with a partner. The silence and the avoidance of sexual intercourse is the real culprit behind bouts of depression and anxiety.

Open Discussions Invite Understanding 

For women, it’s undoubtedly better they know about their partner’s penile dysfunction rather than being kept in the dark to avoid embarrassment. In fact, openly talking about the condition could lead to a faster solution and even save lives if ED is simply a symptom of more serious illnesses such as:

• Diabetes

• High blood pressure 

• Hypertension

• High cholesterol

• Drug abuse 

From a man’s perspective, erectile dysfunction cannot be discussed with a medical professional because it’s too embarrassing and robs them of their dignity. With a woman’s help, they are much more likely to visit an impotence doctor or specialist and get checked out more for serious conditions.

A man may even feel ashamed to tell his partner because it makes him feel alone and open to sexual criticism. But a woman will most likely support their partner in times of crisis and acknowledge that these kinds of problems are common. If these problems in the bedroom do not get discussed, they often snowball into larger issues later on because it becomes a pattern by that time. 

During a time of wanted but ultimately denied sexual intercourse from a man, a woman has many questions going through her head. Most are negative and the topic of erectile dysfunction does not usually get brought up. 

By firstly encouraging men to acknowledge their problem without any hint of backlash, the couple is free to find a solution. Working together to solve male impotence makes a lot more sense than a woman trying to figure out what went wrong with the relationship while the man gradually falls deeper into depression because he thinks he cannot satisfy his partner.

Therapy and Drugs For Impotence

 The quickest way to improve a couple’s sex life is through male impotence pills, but they’re an expensive indulgence and do not tackle the many underlying problems that cause erectile dysfunction. Speaking to a sexual therapist as a couple can shed light on the problem and helps foster a mutual solution. 

For example, the male in the relationship may be suffering from:

• Depression

• Stress

• Anxiety

• Pressure to perform

In any of those cases, male impotence pills will only provide a temporary solution. Speaking to a specialist could help alleviate the underlying problems in the relationship and open up honest discussion. 

The man may feel inadequate about pleasuring his partner, which led to his pressure to perform. He may be stressed out at work and cannot think about sexual intercourse even when he’s in the mood. Speaking to a professional allows the woman to understand what exactly is going through her partner’s mind and adjust accordingly. 

This is not to suggest that women are merely observers to their partner’s pains. Women generally internalize these kinds of emotions and without professional expertise; she is often doomed to accept that she is no longer what her partner wants in a sexual relationship. However, with sex therapy, this is often not the case and this miscommunication can easily be solved by speaking to her partner. 

Try More, Not Harder

Some couples assume it’s because there is not enough romance in the bedroom. The simple solution would be to try harder and engage in more spontaneous intercourse. This again does not rectify the problems causing the erectile dysfunction and often leads to more frustration. 

A woman should not feel ashamed or rejected because her partner cannot achieve an erection. Instead, a woman should make an honest effort to find out the problem causing male impotence and work together with her partner to fix it. There is no simple answer to the problem and only those willing to try more options will find a suitable solution.

Some women have the opposite reaction and pull away from sexual intercourse because the man seemingly has no interest. This may cause the man to spiral further down into depression because he believes he has failed as a lover. 

While it’s a perfectly natural response from the woman, there might be dire consequences if these problems are not addressed timely.  You can take a look at our women and impotence section for more information.

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