Are there special doctors for impotence?

If you’re a man struggling with impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) of any sort, or have a partner who is, there is good news for you both. Today there are medications and other treatment options that can address this condition and allow a man to achieve and sustain an erection and to control his sexual response for a healthy, long-lasting sexual experience.

The key to getting the right help is to first talk to doctors for impotence and to understand what may be causing the problem.

Common Causes of ED

A doctor can explain ED to you in detail, but note the basics of sexual function for men. When a man is sexually aroused he experiences a strong flow of blood to the penis which causes it to become engorged and in turn, he achieves an erection.

Typically a man who experiences ED has a health condition that interferes with that healthy flow of blood. High blood pressure or other heart and circulatory problems can be at fault, or damaged blood vessels such as from smoking can also cause ED.

An enlarged prostate can get in the way of the blood vessels surrounding the penis and this too can cause ED. Damage to the blood vessels such as from an injury or radiation treatment for cancer may be the cause as well, and certain medications can also interfere with blood circulation and cause ED.

Typically ED doctors will do a thorough physical exam and get your medical history so they can pinpoint the cause of your sexual dysfunction.

The Best Doctors to See For Impotence

In most cases your general family physician can address causes of any erectile dysfunction. Also, a urologist is someone who specializes in the bladder and urethra and the male genitals; he or she can address a problem with ED if it’s not related to blood circulation.

There are also some doctors who specialize in sexual medicine; these ones will be specially educated in all reasons a man may struggle with ED, premature ejaculation, and so on.

In some cases a general physician may not be able to quickly diagnose and treat causes of ED and a psychologist may be a better choice. As an example, a man may be stressed or anxious, may have been the victim of sexual violence, or may for another reason not enjoy the sexual experience and this may cause impotence.

In these cases the best doctors for impotence are psychologists or psychiatrists who specialize in sexual disorders, stress management, or PTSD.

What to Do First

If you’re a man suffering from erectile dysfunction, the first thing to do is see your family doctor. He or she will need a complete medical history including any medications you’re currently taking. Your doctor then may need to do an examination that includes taking your blood pressure and a blood sample to test for diabetes or other conditions.

If your family doctor cannot address the problem, make an appointment with a urologist for a more thorough examination. Either type of doctor may prescribe medications or suggest surgical intervention. Implants and other devices can often be used to encourage a healthy sexual response in men.

For sexual dysfunction that is related to mental or emotional distresses, a therapist that specializes in family issues or childhood trauma can help many men. These doctors for impotence are skilled at getting to the root of the mental or emotional issues that are interfering with sexual response.

Whatever your reasons for struggling with ED, there is help available. Start with your family doctor and ask for his or her recommendations for additional options if they cannot address your erectile dysfunction properly.

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