Are Penile Implants an Effective Impotence Solution?

Over 90% of men with penile implants have been able to resume an active sex life. As such it is one of the most effective impotence solutions available today.

With the introduction of revolutionary new impotence drugs like Viagra, implants are proving to be the final course of action when other impotence treatments have failed.

Penile implants (often referred to as "internal penile pumps") are surgically implanted prostheses that are not externally visible. In fact, a number of men have reported that their partners don't know they have an implant at all, which helps with and psychological contributors to impotence.

Over 40% of men who now have the implants originally began experiencing impotence as a result of diabetes, prostate surgery or other physical conditions.

Studies on implants have been positive

Clinical studies have shown that after insertion, the implants don't alter the quality of sexual intercourse, sexual desire, orgasm or ejaculation that men had prior to the implant. In fact, a number of men have reported an improvement in sexual desire and performance - largely due to the confidence boost they get knowing their erection problems have been eliminated.

It's important to understand that penile implants do permanently impair the erectile tissue in the penis. Once the device has been inserted, it's highly unlikely a man would be able to experience an erection without the aid of the implant. Keep in mind that they don't affect sperm production and should not be considered a form of contraception.

As technological and pharmaceutical advancements continue to be made, the implant devices and the materials used are also continuing to evolve and improve. Changes to the design have resulted in fewer post-surgical complications.

Skilled urologists can now complete the surgical insertion procedure in as little as 30 minutes. Depending on the type of implant device chosen, the urologist inserts the prosthesis through a small incision made in the lower abdomen or the base of the penis.

During a survey conducted on a number of patients following implant surgery, 63 year old Mr. P. Papamanolis from Buffalo, NY, commented:

"You've made me a new man. I thought my wife was gonna divorce me, but now she thinks I'm Casanova! Bless you, you've saved my marriage!"

There are three types of penile implants currently available. Each one is explained in detail on the following page. Click on the link to find out more:

There's also a new version being developed, but it might be some time before we see.  You can learn about the new heat-activated penile implants here.

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