New Heat-Activated Penile Implants May Be the Future

Heat Induced Penile Implant

There is a new heat-activated penile implant that may be not only easier to use, but safer than the current versions that have been around for quiet some time.  This is a welcome innovation for those who may be hesitant to try implants as a solution for their erectile dysfunction.

Many impotence sufferers have seen great success with implants, an effective option when other less invasive methods don't.  However, they can cause some tissue damage and they are often difficult to use.  The new heat-activated implants might change all that.

How do heat-activated implants work?

Rather than a semi rigid or inflatable implant, the new version being developed is a prosthetic made of a nickel and titanium alloy known as nitinol.  It is implanted similarly, but remains flaccid until heat is applied.  Upon the application of heat, it hardens and straightens, allowing for intercourse as other implants do.

The interesting part of this prosthetic is that it acts similarly to memory "remembers" the shape that it becomes when heated, giving you the same erection each time.

Now you may be exactly do you heat this device up?  Do I have to get into a hot bath or dump hot water on myself?  Fortunately, that is not the case...scientists are working to develop a remote control that uses induction heating to warm up the new heat-activated penile implant.

What are the advantages?

There are several advantages that researchers are anticipating over traditional penile implants for ED

1.  Easier to use. One of the downsides of traditional implants is that they are oftentimes difficult to use.  The semi-rigid type leaves you with a permanent erection, which can be uncomfortable, and the inflatables have a lot of parts and can be difficult to activate.  This new version just requires a slight increase in temperature to activate.

2. Simpler surgery. Because of the number of components in some of the more complex penile implants, surgery can be extensive, increasing the potential for tissue damage and other complications.  The new heat activated penile implant is a much simpler device.

3. Better solution. Since you will no longer need to have a small pump in the scrotum to activate it, it will no doubt be a more appealing option for people.  Anything that makes achieving an erection easier is a welcome change.

Are Heat Induced Implants Available?

As of this writing, the new implants were still at least 3-5 years away, as scientists are still developing the technology and working on the ideal heating mechanism.

Hopefully they will be available sooner than later, as it sounds like they will be a much safer and easier option for those that need penile implants for erectile dysfunction.

We'll keep on top of this one and provide any updates as they become available.

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