Benefits of Rhodiola Include Libido and Energy Boost

The benefits of rhodiola for impotence may include increased libido and increased energy according to a recent interview with Columbia University professors Brown and Muskin. Exactly how the plant works to convey these benefits is unclear according to many experts.

Like other plants, rhodiola contains a variety of antioxidants and plant polyphenols. When consumed, these compounds may act to inhibit free radical activity, a major component of cellular aging.

Impotence does not necessarily accompany the aging process, although erectile dysfunction is more common in older men. Loss of libido or decreased sex drive and lower energy levels are common age-related complaints.

How might rhodiola work for ED?

It is believed that rhodiola may have an effect on the dopamine receptors in the brain.  This belief is supported by studies showing that the plant has some anti-depressant activities.

Dopamine, a neurotransmitter, plays a role in mood, appetite and sexual function. Low levels of dopamine in the body are often accompanied by depression, appetite changes and sexual dysfunction.

Rhodiola is not approved for the treatment or prevention of any disease or dysfunction according to the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA does not regulate natural products in the same way that drugs, such as Viagra, are regulated. Natural products are regulated as “health supplements”.

There are incidences on record of rhodiola being forcibly removed from the U.S. market by the FDA. But the allegations causing this removal had nothing to do with impotence or erectile dysfunction. Unethical sales people were claiming that the plant extracts could cure cancer.

Any side effects or concerns?

There have been no documented complaints by men taking rhodiola for impotence. No unpleasant side effects have been reported but, as is the case with any new supplement, you should pay attention to how you feel after taking it and if you are under a doctor’s care, you should let your physicians know that you are taking it.

Many men are turning to alternative treatments for impotence and erectile dysfunction, in part because of unpleasant and possibly dangerous side effects associated with ED drugs, including Viagra and testosterone replacement therapy. One of the complaints accompanying Viagra use is that the drug does not improve libido or the quality of orgasm...both potential benefits of rhodiola.

The benefits may be similar to those of ginseng and other natural products used in the past as aphrodisiacs. The supplement is readily available online and can be found in some health food stores. If you suffer from impotence, erectile dysfunction, low libido or low sexual energy, you might want to give rhodiola a try.

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