What Effect Does Caffeine Have On Impotence?

Caffeine and Impotence - Cup of Coffee

New studies show that the amount of caffeine that you drink may have an effect on your risk of impotence.  Although more research needs to be done, it appears that there might just be a direct correlation. 

The study was conducted at the University of Texas' Health Science Center, and focused on data from a sample of 3700 men.  Each was asked how much caffeine they consumed within the previous 24 hour period, as well as if they experienced any erectile dysfunction.

What did the caffeine impotence results show?

According to the study, men who consumed the highest amounts of caffeine in the previous 24 hour period reported the lowest incidences of erectile dysfunction.

Although the exact reasons are not clear, the researchers conducting the study believe that the results are due to the fact that caffeine helps relax arteries and muscles in the penis, thus enhancing blood flow to the area which is required for an erection.

Other experts have agreed that this explanation makes sense, but to establish a direct connection would require more clinical studies.

It's interesting to note that anything that improves blood flow will reduce the risk of heart disease, and heart disease is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction.  Caffeine has been shown in previous studies to help reduce diabetes as well as heart disease.

What's the bottom line?

Will coffee be your solution to impotence?  If only it were that easy.  :)  Caffeine does offer many health benefits and may be helpful, but it is likely not a cure-all.

The magic number according to the study was the equivalent of about two to three cups of coffee a day, although the source did not have to be coffee per se.

You certainly don't want to be drinking that much soda to reach that caffeine content, and 2-3 coffees per day can make some people jittery and unable to fall asleep at night.

So the take care is that caffeine may be helpful in preventing as well as treating erectile dysfunction, another potential health benefit among many.

We'll see how this one plays out.

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