Topiglan Gel Instead of Viagra?

Topiglan is a topical gel for impotence, as opposed to the conventional pills such as Viagra and Cialis which are taken orally.

For those who are unwilling or unable to take a pill, or those who haven't seen much success with regular ED meds, this might be an option worth looking into.

What is this product?

Topiglan is the product of MacroChem Corporation, a pharmaceutical company involved in the production of special drugs and in drug delivery systems. Its most important ingredient is Alprostadil. This compound is also called prostaglandin E1 or simply PGE1.

In addition to this compound, an absorption enhancing substance is also used. This allows the rapid absorption of the gel. It penetrates the top layers of the skin very quickly and dilates the blood vessels in the penis.

Alprostadil was first used and approved by the FDA in 1996. It was used as an injected ED drug and as a suppository. However, it had some serious limitations.

It's important to note that as of this writing (October 2012) Topiglan gel has yet not been approved by the FDA, and thus can not be sold legally in the United States.

What makes this ED treatment special?

Topiglan is special because it can be used topically. It will not be sold as a pill but as a gel or a cream. It works by increasing the flow of blood to the penis, which swells and achieves rigidity in a few minutes after application. Initial tests have shown that Topiglan was successful in providing an erection where most other drugs have failed.

Topiglan has another very important advantage over other drugs such as Viagra. Since it is applied topically, it does not interfere and react adversely with other medications that an individual may be taking. Some people may be using nitrates and such erectile dysfunction medication can react with nitrates causing complications.

Men can use Topiglan safely even if they suffer from diabetes and hypertension. Some men may have cardiovascular diseases and poor circulation. Even these men can use the product.

Advantages of Topiglan

Besides the fact that more men will be able to use this product due to its localized blood vessel dilation rather than the systemic action of oral erectile dysfunction medications, there is another key advantage.

With Topiglan you won't need not wait for it to work. It does not have to pass through the blood stream to take effect. This helps with spontaneity, one of the major complaints with oral ED pills which can sometimes take over an hour to work.

Disadvantages of Topiglan

Topiglan does not appear to have any significant disadvantages. It has still not been approved by the FDA and if it is will likely be a prescription medication rather than over the counter.

Allergic reactions and side effects are rarely noticed with the use of Topiglan but one should watch out for rashes and itching. Some men may notice some reddening at the tip of the penis.

Like any other ED drug or substance, Topiglan does not increase your sex drive. It merely provides an erection to facilitate copulation. No drug can increase your sex drive.

One must be careful with the use of Topiglan as excessive use can cause erection to last a very long time and this should not be the case. If erection lasts for too long, then one may need to consult a doctor.

A word in conclusion

For those who have been unsuccessful with oral ED meds such as Viagra and Cialis, or those who simply don't like the thought of taking a pill whenever they want to have sex, Topiglan may just be a good option for you. However, we have to wait and see if it is actually ever approved.

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