10 Lifestyle Changes That May Help Cure Your Impotence

Lifestyle Changes For ED - Happy Man in Bed

Lifestyle changes could help you beat impotence or ED while improving your overall health, without having to take prescription drugs that could actually damage your health.

Here are 10 changes you could make to fight ED without risking your health.

1. Eat Less

Research has shown that low calorie diets increase sex drive. Calorie restriction also activates genes that could help you live a longer life.

Heavy meals make you tired and sleepy. Even if you do not need to restrict your calories on a regular basis, you might want to limit the amount you eat when you know that there will be an opportunity for romance later in the evening.

2. Lose Weight

There is a proven connection between obesity and erectile dysfunction. A myriad of health problems accompany excessive body fat, including type II diabetes. Men who have type II diabetes are more likely to suffer from ED, due in part to damage done to the tiny blood vessels that feed the penis. Losing just a small amount of weight could help with impotence and has also been shown to improve blood sugar control.

3. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables – Avoid Packaged Foods

Fruits and vegetables should make up the majority of what you eat on a daily basis. Meats should be an occasional treat, not a three times a day main dish. The hormones naturally present and added to meats can interfere with your body’s production of testosterone.

Foods and beverages packaged in plastic typically contain plasticizers like BPA. When BPA gets inside of your body, it acts like the female hormone, estradiol. This artificial estrogen interferes with your body’s natural production of testosterone and can lower your sex drive by raising estrogen levels in your body.

Any food or beverage packed in BPA-containing plastic will contain traces of the chemical. Some BPA free plastics are now available, but there are concerns that the chemicals in those plastics are just as dangerous to your body. Your best bet is to buy foods that are not packaged or those that are packaged in glass. BPA is also found in the lining of cans used for canned foods. 

4.Get More Exercise

Getting more exercise could help you lose weight, if you need to do that. Exercise also increases your energy levels throughout the day. A brisk walk in the evening could help you feel more like having sex that night.

Exercise also improves cardiovascular function, which means that the circulation to your penis increases. Yet another exercise benefit is increased production of neurotransmitters in the brain that play a role in sex drive, sexual function and mood.

5. Take a Good Multi-Vitamin

Nutrients are needed by your body to produce testosterone. Zinc, for example, is essential for testosterone production and many men do not get enough of it. A good multi-vitamin will help you meet your nutrient intake needs without going overboard in calories. In addition, increased nutrient intake without increasing caloric intake helps normalize the appetite.

6. Take Some Fish Oil

Fish oil provides omega-3 fatty acids that are good for heart and brain health. The supplement helps to naturally lower blood cholesterol, inhibit blood clot formation and improve circulation.

In animal studies, fish oil supplementation has been shown to increase sperm production and also enhance the hardness of the penis. Alone, fish oil might not be the answer to ED, but in combination with other lifestyle changes, it could make a difference.

7. Take Some Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba is most commonly recommended for improving memory. But the herbal supplement also helps to improve circulation, especially in the smallest blood vessels of the body.

It is believed to improve memory by improving blood flow to the brain. If it increases blood flow to the brain, it can also increase blood flow to the penis.

8. Avoid Alcohol

A small amount of alcohol might “put you in the mood” by reducing anxiety but the relaxing effects of alcohol are not a good choice for achieving or maintaining an erection. You don’t want to be too relaxed. Excessive alcohol interferes with good sex and is often blamed for sexual problems by couples seeking counseling.

9. Quit Smoking

If you’re a smoker, here’s another good reason to quit. Nicotine raises blood pressure which eventually damages the small vessels responsible for bringing blood to the penis and making it possible to achieve an erection. Research indicates that the damage done to the body by tobacco can be completely reversed after some time as a non-smoker. It might not be a quick fix but the effects are long lasting.

10. Get Enough Sleep

Many men fail to get enough sleep. They stay up late watching TV or fall asleep with the TV on and while they might not realize it, the light and sound from the TV interferes with the quality of their sleep. Sleep is essential for every bodily function. It is the time when the body repairs itself. If you don’t get enough high quality sleep, your body cannot do the repair work. So, turn off the TV (or your laptop) and go to sleep.

Lifestyle Changes For Erectile Dysfunction - Conclusion

You might not need to make all of these changes. In fact, some of them might not apply to you at all. But one or two of these might apply and any of them are worth a try. Changing your lifestyle could help you beat impotence once and for all.

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