5 Ways to Get Better Results From Your ED Medications

Improve Your Results With ED Drugs - Three Popular Medications in Pill Form

Nobody likes to talk about impotence, yet it is one of the most common men’s health issues today. Unfortunately, the same sense of embarrassment that keeps men from mentioning their sexual problems to their doctor also means that even when they do get help, they don’t always end up with the results they’d like from their impotence medication. 

If you’ve been wondering why those little blue pills aren’t working the way they should, here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of them:

Improve Your ED Drug Results With These Tips

Tip #1: Increase your dosage – that may sound like a strange suggestion to make, but impotence drugs are the one type of medication where a higher dosage is actually recommended. 

Of course you should never assume this on your own, but if you’re not getting results at your current dosage, check with your doctor and find out if it’s safe for you to increase it.   The fact is that the majority of men need a stronger dose of medication in order to reverse the effects of ED, but most stop taking it entirely before finding this out.

Tip #2: Watch what you eat – most impotence medications will not be nearly as effective if you take them with food.  Again, this tends to be the polar opposite to what we’re told with most medications, so many men just assume they need to take their impotence meds with food. 

The fact is, both Viagra and Levitra are more effective on an empty stomach.  Cialis will work the same no matter how soon you take it after eating, but the others require at least 2-3 hours after a meal.  So keep this in mind next time you are considering taking them.

Tip #3: Give them time – one of the biggest mistakes most men make in regard to impotence medications is assuming they will work instantly.  Actually, Viagra, Levitra and Cialis all need at least an hour to be fully absorbed into your system, so don’t try to have sex too soon after taking them.  Give your body enough time to feel the effects before you take it for a “test drive”.

Tip #4: Don’t give up too quickly – because impotence is such a frustrating condition, many men want immediate results and when they don’t get them after trying a medication for the first time, they assume it’s not working and walk away. 

In fact, it may take your body time to acclimate to a medication, so you need to try it more than once before you opt to throw in the towel.  Most doctors recommend trying a particular dose at least twice before deciding it doesn’t work.

Tip #5: Exercise your options – remember, when it comes to impotence medication there is more than one option available, so don’t give up too quickly.  If one type of medication isn’t working for you, you may need to try another. 

Everyone is different and one body may not respond to a particular medication the same as another, so you need to keep at it and find the medication that works best for you.

The Bottom Line on Getting Meds To Work

Sexual dysfunction is no walk in the park and it’s understandable for you to become frustrated, but it’s important to keep these tips in mind and give yourself and your medication a chance.  And above all else, remember that no impotence medication is a miracle cure. 

Satisfying sexual performance is about more than just taking a pill; it involves ensuring that your body is properly aroused.  Impotence medications can only do so much; you need to make sure you’re doing the rest. 

Don’t let erectile dysfunction get the better of you…talk to your doctor and take your medication the right way, then you can say goodbye to ED for good!

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