8 Potential Impotence Drug Side Effects

Common Side Effects of ED Medications - Pill Bottle With Label

As with any medication, impotence drug side effects are something you need to consider before you start taking them to help you with your condition.

Overall these medications are considered safe and have not shown any severe long-term problems.  But before you begin any of the erectile dysfunction meds, it is important to be aware of potential adverse reactions you may experience.

Different drugs have slightly different side effects.  Before you start taking any of them it is important to note that there are certain times they will not be safe.  For example, if you have any kind of heart problem, no matter how major or minor, speak to your doctor.  

Also, if you have had eye problems, severe liver disease, or are on dialysis, it is not safe to take ED medications.  The drugs may interact with several others, which is another reason to make sure your doctor is aware of your complete health history before starting an erectile dysfunction regimen.

Most Potential Adverse Reactions Are Relatively Mild

The majority of men who take erectile dysfunction medications aren’t bothered by any side effects.  Some reports estimate that about 6-18% of men taking them experience mild side effects, depending on which medication they take and the dosage.  

However, when side effects do occur, these are the most common, in no particular order:

Headache.  The headaches are usually mild and can be treated with over the counter medications or left alone as they will likely not last very long.

Flushing.  Some men have reported feeling their face turn red and flushed after taking the medication.

Nasal stuffiness.  Some reports of a stuffy or runny nose have occurred with these medications.

Dizziness or fainting.  There have been a few occurrences of dizziness or fainting.  This is generally uncommon but remains a potential issue.

Indigestion or diarrhea.  Occasionally men have reported having indigestion after taking these medications.  Different medications have varying instructions about taking with food.  Ask your doctor or pharmacist for details.

Muscle ache and back pain.  Certain reports have indicated that there is an increase in back pain and muscle aches with some ED pills.

As with most pharmaceutical drugs, occasionally more serious reactions can occur in a small number of cases.  Should any of these occur, call your doctor immediately.  These more severe side effects of ED medications include:

Vision and hearing loss.  Some men have reportedly suddenly losing their hearing or vision.  Experts are still not sure if this is caused by the medications or some pre-existing condition in the men themselves.  Needless to say call a doctor should you experience a change in your vision, including an inability to tell the difference between green and blue, or a ‘glow’ around objects when you look at them.

Priapism.  This is a painful condition where an erection won’t go away within four hours.  It requires medical attention to prevent damage to the penis so definitely get medical help right away if you notice this problem.

Can I avoid ED drug side effects with herbal alternatives?

There are some safe, natural alternatives to impotence drugs out there.  The problem is that there are also many that can be either ineffective, dangerous or both.  Some things to consider when it comes to herbal alternatives is:

1. The list of ingredients may not be complete.  Some of the contents might not be known, and you run the risk of taking a mixture of ingredients that might interact with your other medications or endanger your health.

2. Supplements manufactured outside the United States may come from labs that do not have adequate safety and cleanliness precautions in place.  The supplement may contain contaminants.

3.  There is typically less research and science behind these products, so the efficacy and safety of them in most cases is questionable.  You really have to research them extensively.  Contact the manufacturer, ask questions.  If anything sounds shady, don't buy the product.

So what's the bottom line on ED meds and adverse reactions?

All medications, from simple over the counter meds like Advil to prescription cholesterol lowering drugs like Lipitor have many potential mild, moderate and severe side effects to contend with.  Erectile dysfunctions medications are no different.

You just have to weigh the pros and the cons.  For most men, the ability to achieve and maintain an erection is an essential part of a happy and healthy life, so they are willing to deal with a few minor side effects.  Others may not be comfortable experiencing muscle aches or flushing.

So you really have to make that decision for yourself.  Chances are you will not experience any serious adverse reactions, so the medications are certainly worth a shot if they can help you.  Talk to your doctor and see which impotence drugs are the right choice for you.

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