Ashwagandha for Impotence?

Taking ashwagandha for impotence may not be a good idea. Few studies have been conducted using human volunteers, due primarily to negative results seen in animal studies. Here, you can learn the facts about this Asian plant.

Traditionally, the plant was used to treat a variety of ailments, both those on the outside and those on the inside of the body. Some cultures maintain that the tubers, the underground parts of the plant, have aphrodisiac qualities.

One of the common names is Indian Ginseng. This name refers to the common knowledge understanding of ginseng as a potent aphrodisiac. Scientific research does not indicate that ashwagandha plants have the same chemical properties as Panax ginseng, a different variety and the best studied of the ginseng species.

The plant has been carefully studies over the years. The benefit of greatest interest has to do with nerve regeneration. Japanese researchers have concluded that the plant extracts can be beneficial to the brain by stimulating the growth of damaged nerves, a problem that may accompany the aging process.

This effect could improve memory, concentration and learning, especially in older people. The researchers are looking at the plant as a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Nerve damage sometimes plays a role in erectile dysfunction and impotence but until more is known, the herbal remedy should not be recommended for those conditions. In the most relevant animal study, the herb was actually shown to worsen impotence and ED. This is why the first line of this article reads taking ashwagandha for ED may not be a good idea.

Taking the supplement occasionally as an aphrodisiac should not cause problems, although Panax ginseng has been better studied for its aphrodisiac properties. If the only cause of ED is believed to be a lack of desire or low libido, a natural aphrodisiac could help. The cause of the negative effects seen in the study mentioned above is unknown.

While taking ashwagandha for ED might not be a good idea, the herb is said to help with depression and anxiety. Several different studies have shown that the herb is just as effective as prescription drugs for anxiety and depression, in many cases.  It's interesting to note that depression and anxiety could be causes of impotence as well.

Ashwagandha is available as a single ingredient herbal remedy and is also an ingredient in some multi nutritional supplements. If you are thinking about taking an herbal remedy containing ashwagandha for impotence, pay close attention to the other ingredients. There is some evidence that multi-ingredient supplements provide the most benefit.

The reason for this is unknown but it could be that the combination of plants works together to provide more benefits than any of the single ingredients alone. In other words, it might take more than a single herb like ashwagandha to provide the relief you need.

Have you tried ashwagandha for impotence purposes?  Tell us about it so we can share your experiences (anonymously) with our readers.

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