Can Motorcycle Riding Be a Cause of Impotence?

Similar to the findings of studies involving bike riders, new evidence suggests that riding motorcycles might be a cause of impotence in men, especially those that ride on a regular basis.

Although the exact reason is not known, researchers believe it is a combination of the vibration of the bike combined with the pressure on the perineum (the area between the scrotum and anus) that leads to erectile dysfunction.

Further research needs to be conducted to firmly establish the link, but there is enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that regularly riding a motorcycle can contribute to impotence.

What do the studies show? 

There have been a number of studies and surveys over the years, although the sample sizes have been relatively small and it has been hard to draw significant conclusions.

Nevertheless, a study of 150 men in Japan who rode for just a few hours every weekend found that almost half of them reported problems with impotence and emptying their bladders.

The numbers were even higher in a similar study, with 70% of riders reporting troubles, especially older men over 50.

The findings of these studies mimicked those of research involving regular bikes and impotence, which makes sense given the similarities between the two activities.

So why does this happen exactly?

Riding a motorcycle, especially older bikes at high speeds, causes a lot of vibration and pressure in the perineum area. if you've ever ridden a bike for even a few hours, you know all about that uncomfortable feeling when you finally get off.  That's due to all the pressure that builds up as you ride.

This constant pressure causes the blood vessels in the area to become restricted.  Over time, these blood vessels can become damaged, affecting blood flow to the penile area and hence the ability to get and maintain an erection.

The occasional motorcycle ride will likely not cause any problems for you, so if you own a bike, don't get rid of it in fear of developing erectile dysfunction.

But if you ride for hours a day, every day of the week, you might want to cut back a bit if you are having troubles, just to see if that is what's causing the problem.

What's the bottom line on motorcycles and ED?

As of today there is no conclusive evidence that riding motorcycles causes impotence.  However, there have been several interesting studies, and a significant amount of anecdotal evidence that riding can cause some problems.

Your best bet is to try to minimize whatever effects riding may have on your health.  If you have an older bike, look into ways to cushion your seat and ways to minimize vibrations.  Newer bikes address these issues somewhat but they don't solve the problem entirely.

If you are a diehard biker and you're just not ready to give it up, try to take more breaks and ease the pressure in the area rather than riding for hours on end.  Pull over, have a bite to eat, rest up and then get back on.  This will relieve a lot of the pressure in the area and help reduce your risk of motorcycle related impotence.

Also, consider the other lifestyle changes that can help minimize/prevent ED.  Those can have a significant effect as well.

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