PRP Therapy for ED...What's the P-Shot?

PRP Therapy for ED

If you have looked into the latest treatments for impotence, you may have come across something called PRP therapy, short for platelet-rich plasma. You may have also heard of the Priapus Shot, or P-Shot, one of the commercially available forms of the treatment.

PRP therapy is a relatively new nonsurgical procedure which utilizes the plasma cells present in the blood to treat erectile dysfunction. It is considered one of the safest and most effective ways to treat male impotence.

In this process, a small amount of blood is drawn from your body. It is then centrifuged, as a result of which the PRP matter is separated from the rest. The PRP concentrate is then injected directly into the penis. A series of six P-Shots is generally required to reverse erectile dysfunction and increase your penis’ erectile strength.

How does the P-Shot work?

The PRP matter derived from your blood consists of highly active glycoproteins – also known as growth factors – which are known for their ability to promote wound healing and stimulate growth. When injected into the penis, these growth factors repair damaged cells and stimulate the production of new cells.

It results in the proliferation of new tissues in the corpus cavernosa, the spongy tissues which receive the maximum amount of blood during an erection. So, naturally, your ability to get and maintain an erection is improved to a great extent.

The treatment quite simply rejuvenates the male organ. The purported effects include increased blood flow to the penis, a noticeable increase in girth, and an increase in stamina, sensation, and pleasure.

PRP therapy may also result in a marked increase in sex drive and sexual responsiveness, as you are no longer nervous about having sex. Erectile dysfunction, in many cases, is a psychological phenomenon. Sometimes, when you have an off-night and are not able to perform well, it gets stuck in your mind. It might become a psychological barrier and affect your performance the next time as well. With PRP, your sexual organ is completely revitalized, as a result of which you feel more confident. So, you are able to perform well.

What are the advantages?

There are many advantages of PRP therapy for erectile dysfunction vs. other treatment options.

1. Unlike other treatments, PRP therapy does not rely on external factors to treat ED. It uses your own body’s healing abilities to treat and cure the problem.

2. It is a nonsurgical procedure and is not painful. Your penis is numbed with a topical anesthetic before the shots are administered.

3. It increases the blood flow to your penis considerably, which results in firmer, stronger erections.

4. PRP therapy has a long lasting effect on your body, which is not the case with medications like Viagra and Cialis. You have to pop pills every time you want to have sex, which may be harmful to your health in the long run.

 5. The whole process is completely safe and natural. There are no unwanted side effects or allergic reactions. This is one of the most important reasons why many physicians recommend PRP therapy for erectile dysfunction treatment.

6. It is a tried and tested method to treat repair and rejuvenate tissues. It is not merely used to treat ED. It is used in the treatment of a wide range of issues from back pain to tennis elbow. Celebrities like Tiger Woods and Cliff Lee have used PRP to recover from injuries. So, you are likely to get better, faster results with PRP than other treatments.

Final Thoughts on PRP Therapy

PRP therapy is a highly effective method to treat and cure erectile dysfunction among males of all age groups. It is very safe and does not cause any side effects. The effects of PRP on injured tissues and its regenerative abilities are well documented. So, if you are looking for a non-invasive, nonsurgical solution to your performance issues, PRP therapy might be a good choice for you.

Talk to your doctor about this option and see if you are a candidate for it.  It may just be the solution you were looking for.

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