The Most Common Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Learning the erectile dysfunction symptoms is key to understanding the problem and deciding what your best course of action is.  It's important to realize that the occasional inability to perform does not mean that you necessarily have an impotence don't start panicking and calling up your doctor for a Viagra prescription.  Learn the facts first.

Millions of men have occasional issues in the bedroom, and it can be related to anything from stress to anxiety to overconsumption of alcohol or drug use.  But it is not classified as erectile dysfunction until it is an ongoing problem.

So what are the signs of erectile dysfunction?

There are basically three main signs of erectile dysfunction and you may experience one, two or all three of them at the same time.

Sign #1

The most common ED symptom is having trouble achieving an erection.  This is the sign that you hear most about and tends to be the most troubling for men.

Sign #2

The second erectile dysfunction symptom is the ability to maintain the erection once it is achieved.  So in this case, you are able to get hard, but you can't keep it that way for an appreciable amount of time.

Sign #3

The third sign of ED is a general decrease in libido, or sex drive. This means you don't have the same desire to engage in sexual activity that you usually do.

Now again, if any of these things happens every now and then, it doesn't really fall under the impotence umbrella.  As we mentioned, there are so many factors that contribute to sexual performance.  It's only when it happens persistently, and there are no obvious outside forces contributing to it: stress, anxiety, fatigue, drugs, alcohol, etc.

When should you see a doctor about ED?

This is a very good question and one we get quite often here at Impotence Guide.  There's no need to rush to a doctor for erectile dysfunction, as it is rarely a medical emergency unless there is something else going on such as intense pain, bleeding or anything else that would typically require immediate care.

First, figure out if it is an occasional issue or a more persistent one. For example, if it tends to happen every time you drink, try cutting back on the alcohol and see if the problem still arises.

If you notice the symptoms of erectile dysfunction whenever you're going through a stressful time at work, gauge your performance during less stressful times.

However, if this is happening on an ongoing basis, and doesn't seem to be related to any outside influence that is under your control, then it might be time to seek medical attention.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of causes of impotence, from stress to medications to heart disease, so figuring it out and deciding the best course of action can definitely take some time. But an erectile dysfunction specialist or other qualified medical professional should definitely be able to get to the root of your problem.

You think you have ED what?

The first thing you should do if you start experiencing one or more of the symptoms of ED mentioned above is relax.  Yes, that may seem very hard to do given the circumstances, but there is no need to panic.  Treatment options abound, so regardless of what is causing your problem, there is a protocol that will help you achieve an erection again.

In many cases, slight behavioral/lifestyle changes can make a difference, and that should always be your first course of action. If you drink a lot, try to cut back and see if that helps.  Same with smoking and drug abuse, as that has been shown to contribute as well.

If you are overweight, see what happens when you lose a few pounds.  Add a regular exercise routine and start making smarter dietary choices.

You can do all of that on your own, but you might want to consult with your doctor first to figure out a good diet and exercise plan.

If none of this has any significant positive effects, then perhaps you might benefit from a supplement with proven ingredients.  Although many of these products are subpar, some actually do help improve blood flow, boost desire and reduce stress.  Again, talk to your doctor about this option.

If you hesitate to go the natural route, or they just don't help alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, then it may behoove you to try one of the ED medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.  They can be very effective, and as long as the side effects don't bother you, might be a good choice.

Lastly, when all else fails, there are various procedures and surgeries available to you, obviously depending on what is causing your ED.  Although some may be unpleasant, if they reduce your erectile dysfunction symptoms then most would agree that it is well worth it.

So, to sum up....if you notice any signs of ED, first relax, then try some lifestyle changes.  If that's not the root of your issue, see your doctor and discuss the issue in detail.  Together, you can figure out the best treatment option.

There is an answer out there for you, so never let erectile dysfunction get you's very common, and very treatable.

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