New Hope For A Tired Romance

Romantic ideas

We have all heard the phrase "love springs eternal" but just how does it apply to a relationship that is losing its spark of youth?

When we are involved in a solid and loving relationship, the stars shine brighter, the moon glows bigger and the world seems a happier place.

Then real life takes over and we realize that in reality our love life needs a little nurturing and attention to stay alive, even at the best of times.

The good news is that with a few creative and romantic ideas, you can jump-start a relationship that has fallen off-course. It's a pretty tall order to expect the passionate love juices to be flowing all the time, but with our creative and inspirational romantic ideas, you can keep the embers burning long after you thought the fire had gone out.

When Your Love Life Slides Off The Tracks

How often have you heard the statement, "But the passion is gone." Perhaps you feel like you are more like roommates than lovers these days? Once the excitement in a loving relationship goes out the door, so does the passion.

Now is the time to pour new energy into showing your partner just how much they mean to you. Here are our practical tips to help you get your relationship back on track.

To rebuild your love life you have to start by working on yourself first - the relationship will follow. Do something loving for yourself today, then do something loving for your partner. Learn to love you first, only then will you be able to give your partner the kind of love they need.

Begin again with a fresh start. Remember when you first met and everything in the world was beautiful? Begin by wooing each other like you did back then and get to know each other with fresh eyes.

Forgive yourself and your partner for past mistakes. It's time to move forward, discard the baggage you've been lugging around and vow that you will have no regrets or remorse for what's happened in the past. The past is in the past - leave it there.

Set yourself some love life goals. Begin by spending some quality time together talking about what is important for both of you. Setting goals that you can share will enable you to move forward together, both sharing the same path.

Develop a love life sense of humor. Show your loved one your sense of humor on a daily basis. Smile and then smile again. Cultivate a positive attitude and laugh about everything or nothing at all.

Plan to spend quality time together. The key now is to "plan" activities you can do together. Go for a walk, see a movie, have a game of tennis.

Don't let disagreements spoil your love life. Freely offer words like "I'm sorry" when needed, then put it behind you. Don't waste valuable time nursing a grudge. Your love life cannot thrive in an atmosphere of discord.

Give gifts of love to each other. Take the time to offer sincere gifts - give a compliment, offer praise and appreciation. Lavish your partner with expressions of love. We are inspired to want to please others when we feel good about ourselves.

Show affection. There is great healing in the power of touch. Hold hands, give your partner a kiss just because you want to, offer a gentle massage. Make a promise to hug each other every day.

Have fun and celebrate. Learn to play and have fun like a kid again. Celebrate the special moments you've shared throughout your lives together - anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, whatever.

Trust and be trusted. Trust is the great equalizer in a healthy relationship. Learn to tell the truth about how you feel and what you need. Total honesty brings about awesome trust, so do all you can to achieve it.

Look at your relationship as a living, breathing thing and remember that all living things need to be refueled and taken care of. Remember that your love life is something that needs constant attention, not just when its broken or hurt.

Put even a few of these romantic ideas into action and a healthier love relationship will be your reward.

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